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    Talent Strategy
    An enterprise's quality, is decided by theirs management quality, the product quality and the grade of service, but is person's quality in the final analysis. Develops the cultural competition process from the product competition to make us fully to realize, the market competition essence is the competition for talent. Fully displays the talented person to dive the nature, taps the talented person potential, is capital which wins in the market competition. The company the talented person took basis of the development, entrusts with "the difference" for "the talented person" the meaning and "the level" the concept. We thought the talented person refers to these approvals company value idea, the direction feeling very strong person, he should have the very high work fervor, the creation boundless organization, the stimulation team collective wisdom ability, has the keen judgment and the resolution strength, has greatly strengthened carries out the ability. Each staff in work each post all is the useful talent, the company can fully excavate each staff's strong point, provides most can display the special skill to each staff the post, achieves enables each person to develop his talents.
    Implementation "humanist, enables each person to develop his talents" the talented person observes, we should stand in the strategy highly fully respect the knowledge, the respect talented person, founds harmonious atmosphere which one kind of equal competition, mutually respects, progresses together.
    2011年会 员工活动
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