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    泣似宸戦公厘窟連 泣似宸戦公厘窟連 泣似宸戦公厘窟連
    泣似宸戦公厘窟連 泣似宸戦公厘窟連 泣似宸戦公厘窟連
    LEYCONN Electronic Co.,Ltd. is specialized in R&D,producing and marking all kinds of electronic connectors, which are widely used in industrial control, communication, computer, equipment, electronic consumptions and so on. Our products are involved with three kinds of fields: military project, industry and civilian use. The respectively reprentative customers of military project and industry ......
    LEYCONN Corporation serves for all types of connector and cable's designing, researching and manufacturing. Our engineering expertise and tooling capabilities enables us to offer faster, more effective solutions, minimizing your time to market, in most cases our design group can take a pro......
    We applied for approved and certified timely to the third authority party quality management system to ensure the quality system's operability, efficiency and sustained improvement, since ISO9001 system brought in. Quality Dept. includes two parts: Quality management and Quality ......
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